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Relationship Counseling

Our pre-marriage and marital questionnaires (called assessment inventories) help you counsel couples at any stage in their relationship — whether they’re dating, living together, engaged, or have been long married.

Our assessment inventories identify where a couple’s relational strengths and weakness are. From here, facilitators are able to develop the couple’s communication and conflict-resolution skills.

How do relationship assessment tools help professionals?

The Prepare-Enrich program helps to start meaningful discussions with couples by determining the strengths and weaknesses within each unique relationship. This increases the efficiency of the Prepare-Enrich facilitator, focusing the discussion with the couple to help improve their relationship.

Who uses Prepare-Enrich?

  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Clergy
  • Military chaplains
  • Relationship therapists

Start with Prepare-Enrich

To offer the Prepare-Enrich program, you must become a trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator, where you will learn how to administer the program with couples. Once you are a trained facilitator, you can offer Prepare-Enrich to every couple you work with. Each assessment inventory costs $45 per couple.

If you’d like to become a trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator, click here.