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NEW: Health and Wellness Scale

Posted: November 23, 2016

In response to the growing public awareness about healthy living and wellness, we are excited to announce the new “Health and Wellness” scale, which has been added to the Prepare-Enrich assessment.

This new scale is available to all couples regardless of age or relationship status (dating, married or engaged) and has been automatically added to each assessment.

Example questions included in the scale:

  • I feel confident that we will have a long and healthy life together.
  • I wish my partner would take better care of himself/herself.
  • We both feel it is important to have an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • My partner has some unhealthy habits that concern me.
  • We generally have good health and wellness habits.

This scale is designed to provide you with the opportunity to have the couples discuss their level of satisfaction and amount of agreement regarding their wellness habits. It will allow the couples to address any concerns that may arise if they feel their partner is leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

We encourage you to take a moment to reflect and prepare yourself to discuss this new topic area with your couples.