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Prepare-Enrich: Relationship counselling tools for professionals

The Prepare-Enrich program provides relationship assessment tools for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and clergy.

These tools include questionnaires or compatibility tests (we call them assessment inventories) that help professionals counsel couples at any stage of commitment.

Super Marriagio Couple: Facilitators Deluxe Edition

The best way to prepare and enrich a relationship

Prepare-Enrich is the leading relationship assessment tool. Developed through decades of scientific research, the program equips our facilitators — professionals trained in the Prepare-Enrich program — with a number of tools to diagnose issues in a relationship. They equip couples with the skills to listen, communicate, and address those issues. These tools automatically tailor the content to fit each couples current stage in their relationship and their family structure.

If you’re interested in becoming a facilitator, learn more here.

Our premarital and marital counselling tools are:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Efficient to administer and interpret
  • Helpful at focusing the conversation with couples
  • Valuable and accurate for getting to the core of a couple’s issues
  • Offered in 7 languages:
    English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese, Romanian


Password Change Required - effective Dec 12, 2017

To improve the security of the Enrich Facilitator portal, Facilitators who are using their last name as a password to their account must change their password by December 12, 2017.

To create a new password:

Log in to your Facilitator Account on Select the “Email” tab  and confirm that your email address is accurate and up to date Select the “Password” tab Enter your new password and click “Submit”

Passwords are case-sensitive and must:

Be 10 – 20 characters long Contain a combination of letters and numbers

Your password cannot include your name or account ID. [+]

Introducing the P/E Check-up assessment

Enrich Canada introduces a new assessment tool called P/E Check-up, which is a condensed version of the Prepare-Enrich program. This new assessment is perfect for when you have limited time [+]

NEW: Health and Wellness Scale

In response to the growing public awareness about healthy living and wellness, we are excited to announce the new “Health and Wellness” scale, which has been added to the Prepare-Enrich [+]

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