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Our program has helped strengthened over 4 Million relationships!

  • OVER 50,000 Communities & churches served

  • OVER 100K Facilitators in 100+ countries

  • Available in 12 languages

The best way to prepare and enrich a relationship

Prepare-Enrich is the leading relationship assessment tool. Developed through decades of scientific research, the program equips our facilitators — professionals trained in the Prepare-Enrich program — with a number of tools to diagnose issues in a relationship. They equip couples with the skills to listen, communicate, and address those issues. These tools automatically tailor the content to fit each couples current stage in their relationship and their family structure.

Our premarital and marital counselling tools are:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Efficient to administer and interpret
  • Helpful at focusing the conversation with couples
  • Valuable and accurate for getting to the core of a couple’s issues
  • Offered in 12 languages:
    English, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Chinese, Romanian, Italian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Portuguese
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Marriage in the 21st Century

Through the raw data collected from the use of the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, Prepare-Enrich has examined marriage and relationship trends across different demographics. A recently completed analysis on marrying age and education has revealed …

Marriage is occurring later in life …In our analysis of engaged couples completing the Prepare-Enrich Assessment, we see a trend towards couples marrying later in life.

This trend appears more strongly among women, with the percentage of women marrying when they are between 18 – 25 years old decreasing by 10%, [+]

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